Village Hall User Guide

Welcome to the Village Hall. These notes are to help make your booking enjoyable and trouble free.


The key to the hall is in a push-button combination locked key box in the porch. You should have been told the combination when you confirmed your booking. Please lock the hall when you leave and replace the key in the box. The toilets at the front of the building are the Public Toilets for the village and are managed by the Hall Trustees. They are open 24 hours a day. For security you can lock the hall door from the inside when you are occupying the building. If you are using the bunkroom entrance to the rear, there's also a key for the back door in a combination box. It's the same combination as the front door key.


When you arrive, familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits, fire extinguishers and first aid kit. Keep the fire exits clear at all times. Nothing should be left in the corridor or stairs to ensure these routes are clear.

If the fire alarms go off, ensure everyone leaves the building immediately. The muster point is on the village green by the phone box. Call the Fire Brigade by dialling '999' from the phone box on the village green. Contact one of the people listed at the end of this Guide.


The heating is controlled from timers in the boiler room, which should have been pre-set for your visit. All the radiators have thermostatic valves. Adjust these to give the level required in the parts of the building you are using. When you leave, please turn the valves down to their lowest setting. The hall takes 30 - 60 minutes to warm up, depending on the weather.


The WiFi is free to use - no password is required.


Hot water for hot drinks is supplied from the wall-mounted boiler. Switch this on in the cupboard next to it and wait for it to heat up (10 - 15 minutes). Use the kettle for small quantities. Feel free to use the tea / coffee / sugar in the cupboard. There's some basic food supplies for unexpected visitors in the kitchen cupboard and in the freezer.

The cooker needs to be switched on at the socket on the wall. The fridge/freezer is normally left switched on. See separate instructions for the dishwasher.

To raise and lower the shutter, turn and hold the key-switch in the appropriate direction. Keep the shutter closed when not in use.

First Aid etc.

In an emergency dial 999 from the phone box on the village green. There is a First Aid Kit in the kitchen. If any incidents occur while you are using the hall, please record the details in the accident book which is in the first aid kit.

There is a Minor Injuries Unit at Alston Hospital, open 8am to 10pm. Phone 01434 381218. The doctors' surgery in Alston can be contacted on 01434 381214.

Shower Room

The shower room gets very steamy as the ventilation fan only runs when the lights are on. It's OK to leave them on for an hour or so after you've used the showers.

Drying Room

If your kit is wet when you arrive to stay overnight, you can use the spin dryer, and then hang your kit up. The dehumidifier works on a timer and will get clothing quite dry overnight, although you may need to empty its collection tray. Please keep the window closed when using the dehumidifier or you'll end up trying to dry the whole village!


Please use the pillowcases if you use the pillows, and pop them in the laundry basket before you go. If you have reserved bedding for your stay, it should be laid our ready for you. Again, please put used sheets and duvet covers in the laundry basket when you leave.

When you leave

Please leave the hall as you would wish to find it, though we don't expect visitors to clean the public toilets. Cleaning materials can be found in the cupboard in the drying room.

Take as much of your rubbish away with you as you can. Put any other rubbish, and kitchen waste, into a blue rubbish bag (which we have to pay for), and leave it outside the front of the hall.

As the hall cleaner may not be in for a day or two, please turn all the radiator valves to '0', turn off all the lights and close the windows and doors. Please return the key to the keysafe.


If you have any problems or queries, caretaker Brian (Garrigill House, opposite the village hall) is usually on hand. There is a list of other contacts on the entrance lobby notice board.