Garrigill Village Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire

Garrigill Village Hall Conditions of Hire

Before making payment, you should ensure you have read and understood these hire conditions, your payment being your confirmation of acceptance of them. Until we receive your payment, your booking will remain provisional and liable to cancellation by us at any time and for any reason without liability on our part. Please note that as hirer you are personally responsible for ensuring the hire conditions are properly observed and are personally liable for any loss, damage or injury occurring during or as a consequence of the hire.

Where you require to access the hall for setting up in advance of your event or for removing equipment after the event, you should ensure that you book this extra time in addition to the duration of the actual event as the whole of the time you require use of the hall is chargeable.

1. Definitions

"We" "Us" and "Our" means the Trustees of Garrigill Village Hall

"You" and "Your" means the person or organisation with and to whom we agree the hire

"Hall" means the ground floor of the building excluding the public toilets and entrance lobby.

"hire period" means the booked and agreed duration of your occupation and use of such part or parts of the Hall to which your booking relates

"the hire" means the hire period plus any additional time for which you, your agents or attendees use the Hall in connection with your event

2. Shared areas and exclusive use

You will have exclusive use of the main hall throughout the hire period. You may also have use of the kitchen, shower/WC and drying room and to which bunkroom users also have access between the hours of 4pm and 10am. The shower/WC and drying room may also be used by campers who have paid to use those facilities. Your hire of the Hall does not include access to the first floor bunkroom or camping field unless booked separately.

3. Instruction folder

A folder containing full instructions for users of the Hall will be available on arrival. This includes the use of the central heating system, the kitchen equipment and the fire safety instructions for the building. You need to ensure the instructions are properly followed.

4. Supervision

You are responsible throughout the hire for supervision of the Hall, care of its contents and safety from damage, and the behaviour of all persons using the Hall. You or another responsible adult designated by you must be in attendance at the Hall throughout the hire to ensure compliance with these Conditions.

5. Fire safety

For the safety of all attendees, you need to make yourself aware of:

• the contents of our fire safety information folder

• the location of fire doors, fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment

• escape routes and the need to keep them clear of obstruction at all times

• the action to be taken in cases of fire including calling the Fire Brigade, evacuating the Hall and assembling on the village green

6. Maximum capacity

You must at all times ensure the Hall does not exceed its maximum capacity of 100 persons or 30 persons overnight.

7. Conduct of users

You must ensure at all times during the hire that no person acts in an unsafe or improper manner, smokes inside the building, causes a nuisance, abuses or damages the Hall, its equipment or contents or uses the Hall for any unlawful or improper purpose.

8. Sale of alcohol

The sale of alcohol is not permitted except where sold by us or our staff or unless we have agreed that you may sell alcohol and that prior to the date of the event you supply us with satisfactory evidence of formal approval by Westmorland & Furness Council's Licensing Office of a Temporary Event Notice. You will be personally responsible for the conduct of all those to whom alcohol is supplied and for complying with all conditions which may apply in respect of any Temporary Event Notice.

If you would like us to provide and run a bar and we are able and willing to do so, you will need to tell us your desired opening and closing times for the bar. There is a staffing charge of £12 per hour which is normally payable at time of booking but refundable in full should you have to cancel. We may be able to refund the staffing charge where bar sale profit from larger events permits.

We reserve the right to cease or suspend sale of alcohol or close the bar in the event of behaviour we deem improper or disorderly.

9. Bouncy Castles

Owing to insurance and legal liability issues relating to the raised risk of injury, we regret that we are unable permit the use of bouncy castles or any other form of inflatable anywhere on our premises whether indoors or outside.

10. Safeguarding

If you wish to use the Hall for activities which include children or adults at risk, other than for hire for private parties arranged for invited friends and family, you must either produce a copy of your safeguarding policy and evidence that you have carried out relevant checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) when requested to do so or confirm that you have understood and will adhere to the Hall's principles and procedures with regard to safeguarding.

11. Discrimination

Neither you nor anyone using the Hall during the hire period must discriminate against any individual or group on the grounds of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and must immediately report to us any incident of discrimination of which you become aware as we take complaints of discrimination and harassment very seriously.

12. Late night events

Under no circumstances must live or recorded music be played after 11pm. If you have booked to 11.30pm, the hall must be fully vacated by that time. You should therefore ensure your event ends around 11pm to allow sufficient time for all guests to depart quietly.

13. On leaving the Hall

At the end of the hire you must:

ensure all persons vacate the Hall by the end of the agreed hire period and, at night, leave the Hall in a quiet and orderly manner so as not to disturb neighbours or users of the first floor bunkroom

clean and return all tables and chairs to their proper stowage positions

remove all rubbish, leaving the Hall in a clean and tidy condition

ensure all lights and appliances (other than the fridge/freezer) are switched off

ensure the Hall is locked and the key returned to the keysafe

report to us all deficiencies and damage

14. Reservation of rights

We reserve the right to enter the Hall at all reasonable times during the hire for all reasonable purposes and to terminate occupation and use of the Hall if in our reasonable opinion a serious safety issue arises or the conduct and actions of persons using the Hall are such as to cause us serious concern.

15. Your liability for loss, damage and soiling

As hirer, you are personally liable for the cost of (a) making good all damage to the Hall and any loss of or damage to its equipment or fittings arising during the period of hire or as a result of your use of the Hall and (b) any additional cleaning and tidying above and beyond that which would normally arise.

16. Our liability and indemnity

Save as the law requires, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any property or for injury sustained by any person whilst on the Hall premises. You shall indemnify and keep indemnified each of the Village Hall Trustees and their agents against the cost of repair of any damage done to the Hall, against all actions, claims, and costs of proceedings arising from any breach of these Booking Conditions and all claims in respect of damages, including damage for loss of property or injury to persons, arising as a result of the use of the Hall.