Garrigill Village Hall Conflict of Interest Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to the Trustees who are involved with managing Garrigill Village Hall and its associated activities to ensure that they act in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries particularly when awarding contracts or payments to organisations or individuals providing services to Garrigill Village Hall.


If an individual Trustee makes a decision or takes an action influenced by their personal circumstances or their involvement with another organisation, then they are in conflict of interest.

Roles and Responsibilities

All Trustees have a responsibility to be aware of the potential for a conflict of interest;

The ultimate responsibility for the management of potential and actual conflicts of interest rests with the GVH Committee;

All individuals associated with Garrigill Village Hall management or activities have a responsibility to report any known conflict of interest to Trustees;

The Trustees will on the first occasion of the arising of any potential conflicts of interest thereupon set up and maintain a register of any potential conflicts of interest;

Any Trustee having a conflict of interest must declare it to the other Trustees and not be part of any meetings or discussions on that subject;

If a Trustee's actions have been identified as a conflict of interest then the Trustees must take appropriate action which after due consultation with the individual involved can include exclusion from certain activities and if appropriate resignation.