Agenda for Garrigill Councillors Ward Meeting on Wednesday 14th November at the Village Hall 7.30 start. 

1. Tim will lead a discussion on mobile phones and lack of masts in the area.

2. Garrigill phone box removal ---- our next steps.

3. Ambulance update.

4. Garrigill Cemetery . Consultation on tree removal --- Full report can be viewed below

5. Road Safety. --- Following a Parents plight in contacting the Parish Council for help when her daughter had a near miss with a car going very fast around the village green. Asking , why not a speed restriction ? Discuss.

Report on the meeting at Garrigill Cemetery 17th October 2019

Present were :- Paul Emerson (Parks, Cemeteries, Open Spaces EDC) ; Andrea Maclellan ( plots EDC) ; Lissie Sharp and Michael Hanley (EDCouncillors) ; Elaine Grew (AMPC -Garrigill Ward ); Residents : Doris Raine , Michelle Macininie, Ruth English , Annie McDonald. 
This meeting was to discuss with representatives of EDC, the disappointment and anger about the state of the Cemetery. Previously on a site visit , myself I found , a number of dead birds (50 or so ) shot gun cartridges, plastic flowers shredded by the grass cutter, dead trees , poorly maintained gates, path covered in debris. Today , the look was different with the path having been swept, birds and cartridges removed. However the residents had their say and everything was well received by the Council staff. Positive Outcomes :- Front gates are to be repaired and repainted. Lay by outside Cemetery to have tarmac request referral to Highways at the Traffic Management meeting and also through EDC channels. Paths to be defined around the Cemetery border with edging. Moss and debris to be removed and replaced by gravel or wood chip Guttering and water butt to be added to outbuilding on site for family members to access water for fresh flowers at grave side. Shooting on EDC land is prohibited !!! Please pass this message on. 
Trees :- long discussion took place. It was suggested that dead areas of trees near walls be cut out with some overhanging branches cut back. The trees either side of main path are causing some disruption to graves. Much of their canopy is dead. Thoughts being that alternate trees in a zig zag pattern along the path are removed, enabling the light to reach the path. Consultation is needed with the residents and AMPC before tree removal is carried out. Parish Council meeting to be held 3rd November. Garrigill Ward meeting is at the Village Hall 7.30, Wednesday 13th November . If necessary, a notice will be supplied to Cemetery gate , for then people to contact EDC for comments. If approved trees will be chopped down and stump and roots will be removed at a later date when they have died off. Could Garrigill develop a "Friends of the Cemetery " group. Now the work begins. Elaine.

Ward Meeting Minutes - May 2019

Apologies - Annie McDonald , Brian Grew. 

Previous Minutes read aloud by Councillor Grew. 

Update on Community Energy (Tim Haldon) ---Alston Moor Community Energy ( independent of Partnership) is helping to fundraise for Solar Panels to be installed on SKSs roof. Money will also be raised through Crowd funding and other monies available in the bank. It is to be hoped that 120panels can be fitted to the roof during the next school holidays (end of May) , giving a saving of £1000 and a refund of £6-700. in the first year. Next, could be Nenthead Hydro. If this proves possible then, they would have a look at developing a Local Energy Scheme , using the electricity to sell to Co-Op Energy who in turn could then sell electricity to households at a cheaper rate than other electric companies. They will be applying for research funding from Electricity North West. Maybe even able to buy schools electric when the school is not open. Obviously a lot of work still to go. But, . Watch this space. 

Ambulance update:- No longer will there be a rolling programme of training EMTs level 1 on the Moor as this position no longer exists.There are discussions being held with the Education and Training department within NWAS to see if another level of training can be developed for the Moor. Discussions held on the dynamics of shift patterns, attending training sessions. Crew members have been encouraged to discuss any problems they have with their trainers and interviews are planned individually to air any grievances. Still no housing for the ambulance but talks being held between NWAS and CCG. Ambulance Crews are not allowed to wear their uniforms unless are actively on a callout This is in accordance with NWAS Infection Control Policy. Blue Lights are only to be switched on to secure a scene by our local Ambulance Crews. It had been suggested that an introduction of Community First Responders ( CFR ) to enhance the Ambulance crew on AM would be beneficial for the residents. A Fact Finding event was held on 16th March . Training will begin once the selective process has been completed. Training will be undertaken on the Moor. New radios are being tried out and hopefully will work in Garrigill and Nenthead. 

Update on Garrigill roads:- New signage and repainting of white lines ordered for areas around Garrigill . Gully cleaning requested throughout the village but there's only one machine for the whole of Cumbria , so can only be carried out once every 2years unless there's a danger of flooding to premises. Please then phone the Flood Hotline. Garrigill embankment near to the footpath by the bridge is in danger of collapse. Problem was initially photographed and reported by David Hymers with a follow up from Elaine Grew . Work to repair same will commence between July and September . The road will be closed for 3days. Pot hole repairs on going. 

Open Forum :- Query about the Notice Board. Tim advised that it was sitting awaiting Richard to erect same. It was noticed that one Councillor was not in attendance and was extremely disappointed to say the least. Request that future meetings be announced on "Facebook" . Next meeting to be held 2nd Wednesday in November.