Booking Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions of Booking


1. Application

These terms and conditions shall apply to bookings at Garrigill Village Hall.


2. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions:

we” “our” and "us" means the Trustees for the time being of Garrigill Village Hall or their representative;

you” "your" and "hirer" means the person who arranges the booking with the bookings secretary;

hire period” means the period between the start time stated on your booking form (unless otherwise agreed) and the time of the final inspection of the Hall by us on or immediately following your departure;

the Hall” means all or any part of Garrigill Village Hall and its grounds


3. Personal responsibility of hirer

We hire out the Hall on the basis that you take full personal responsibility for:


(a) ensuring throughout the hire period:

  • the conduct and actions of all persons;

  • no smoking takes place on Hall premises;

  • you comply with the Hall's fire safety policy (clause 9);

  • the maximum capacity of the Hall is not exceeded (clause 10);

  • no unsafe, illegal or immoral activities take place


(b) at the end of the hire period:

  • leaving the Hall in a clean and tidy condition;

  • reporting all deficiencies or damage;

  • returning the Hall keys to the bookings secretary or as otherwise arranged

Our decision as to your compliance with your responsibilities shall be final and binding.


4. Personal liability of hirer to pay for damage etc

You agree to be personally liable for:

  • the cost of making good all damage to the Hall, its equipment or fittings sustained during the hire period

  • the cost of replacement of all fittings, equipment and all other items belonging to the Hall found to have been removed during the hire period without our consent

  • the additional costs incurred where at the end of the hire period the Hall is found to require cleaning and tidying beyond that which is routine.

Our decision as to the amount of such costs shall be final and binding.


5. Damage deposit

We may ask you to pay a damage deposit in advance of the hire period. The deposit shall be paid by cheque in favour of "Garrigill Village Hall" which will be returned to you after the hire period. We may retain all or part of such deposit where any of the charges referred to in clause 4 arise. Where the cost of remedying loss or damage exceeds any damage deposit paid, you will be personally liable for payment of such excess cost.


6. Payment on arrival

Apart from any damage deposit payable in advance, you can pay the Hall hire charge on arrival either in cash or by cheque in favour of "Garrigill Village Hall". Where an invoicing arrangement has been agreed, invoices will be sent to the address or e-mail address given in the Booking Form or otherwise supplied to the bookings secretary. Instructions on obtaining the keys to the Hall will be sent to you with your booking confirmation.


7. Licensed bar

If you are running an event, we can usually run a licensed bar by prior arrangement. You will be personally responsible for the conduct of all those present. The licence requires the presence of a Village Hall trustee who shall reserve the right to cease or suspend sale of alcohol or close the bar in the event of what the trustee considers to be improper or disorderly behaviour.


8. Instruction folder

A folder containing full instructions for users of the Hall will be available on arrival. This includes the use of the central heating system, the kitchen equipment and the fire safety instructions for the building. You are responsible for ensuring that users familiarise themselves with these.


9. Fire safety

In particular, you should note the following fire safety information contained in the folder:

  • The action to be taken in cases of fire including calling the Fire Brigade and evacuating the Hall

  • The location and use of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment

  • Escape routes and the need to keep them clear of obstruction at all times

  • The location of fire doors and the need to keep them closed at all times


10. Maximum Hall capacity

The maximum capacity of the Hall is 100 people. The maximum overnight sleeping capacity is 8 people in the upstairs bunkhouse and 30 in the main hall. It is your responsibility to ensure the Hall does not exceed this capacity at any time.


11. Telephones

Please note that although there is no mobile phone signal within the village, a signal can usually be obtained on higher ground immediately outside the village. There is a public phone box on the village green.


12. Reservation of rights

We reserve the right to:

  • decline any booking request without stating a reason;

  • enter the Hall at all reasonable times during the hire period for all reasonable purposes;

  • terminate occupation and use of the Hall at any time during the hire period when in our reasonable opinion either a serious safety issue arises or the conduct and actions of persons using the Hall are such as to cause us serious concern.


13. Liability

Save as the law requires, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any property or for injury sustained by any person whilst on the Hall premises.