9th June 2014

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on the

9th June 2014




Present: Tim Haldon (Chair), Barbara Carrick and Clive Mitchell


1.0 Apologies for absence

Stephen Porteous and Brian Grew




Minutes of previous meeting





Owing to limited attendance, this item was deferred to the next meeting.





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda










Election of Sub-committees











Owing to limited attendance, this item was deferred to the next meeting.


Any other business


Sub-committee reports



TH distributed a budget v expenditure summary adopting separate accounts for the three sub committees showing net current assets of £8,318.06.

TH advised that his request for £300 from the Parish Council for the use of the mower to cut the grass on the village green had been superseded by the County Council's decision to accept responsibility for grass cutting.

Current hall and camping bookings were discussed as was the revival of the 100 Club. It was suggested that attendees at the next pub night on 28th June be canvassed for membership and that retrospective draws be held for each of the months since the previous draw.
























TH advised that he had installed a barrier strip in the shower room to deal with flooding and was awaiting user feedback.

The members viewed the new defibrillator casing funded by the Parish Council to be installed in the foyer. The premises sub-committee to make arrangements both for its installation and for agreeing a day for completing outstanding maintenance work such as clearing the gutters.

TH reported that the current arrangement for the sharing of the cleaning of the toilets and building appeared to be working well.













Marketing and Events

It was noted that JC, PW and SG's decisions not to stand for re-election had effectively wiped out the events sub-committee, although their stated commitment to continued assistance was reassuring. Following the highly successful “7 Ages of Man” comedy show, SG has been asked to look into Highlights' coming autumn/winter programme and will be reporting to us.

Three trustee vacancies having now arisen, TH advised that the rules only permitted the co-opting of two new trustees in any year. We considered that since such trustees would effectively constitute the events sub-committee, they might best be drawn from among younger enterprising villagers and some names were suggested for approaching.



















DATE OF NEXT MEETING: None set. Late July suggested. BG to canvass members. BG