9th January 2015

Garrigill Village Hall


Registered Charity 1000874



Minutes of the Committee Meeting Held On

19th January 2015



Present: Stephen Porteus, Tim Haldon, Barbara Carrick and Clive Mitchell


1. Apologies : Brian Grew, Pauline Platts and Glad Allen






Minutes of Previous Meeting




Minutes agreed Proposed SP Seconded TH



Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda




Reports from Sub- committeess




TH reported on latest accounts – had remained fairly static. TH to phone Garrigill Estates re final instalment of its kind contribution.






Discussion of date of next DIY day deferred to next meeting.

TH further to pursue kitchen roller shutter prices.

TH has narrowed down choice of replacement hall tables to aluminium ones @£120 which best appear to meet current requirements.

Agreed that TH should purchase toaster and new kitchen fridge without freezer capability in the region of £250/300 reconditioned or £400 new.

TH reported that Fiona's son Richard was looking into alternative forms of generator preparatory to our consideration of fixed, semi-portable or portable models. Purchase costs would probably exceed £1,000 including electrical works, funding to be investigated once Richard reports. Possibility of grant from Council's emergency planning budget. Additional secure storage for generator (and mower?) to be considered.

CM reported seeing a rectangular section of the hall roof where absence of snow suggested insulation shortcomings.

Agreed that external electric power outlets would be useful for campers etc







TH to pursue

















Observations to be kept







Marketing & Events

Proposed dates of Fireworks 14.11.15 and Craft Fayre 21.11.15 held over for discussion until next meeting.


TH gave a favourable report of the new hall website CM had prepared. CM understood the cost of web hosting to be c. £5 a month. Agreed CM to proceed immediately. Proposed SP. Seconded BC.


TH mentioned Mailchimp, an application for emailing en masse. Agreed that an up-to-date village emailing list be prepared.


Sam arranging Highlights night (jazz band?) for 28th March. Pub night regulars would still need to purchase event ticket unless pub night changed to Friday 27th March.


Another themed night had been suggested – CM proposed a cowboy theme incorporating Richard Greenough's Country & Western band.

A ceidleigh was also mooted.
















Members to confer













There are two electric bikes in the store. BG is seeing to organization of hire and bookings.


Agreed to draw up bar rota at next meeting and perhaps seek bar volunteers on new website.


SP circulated for approval copies of the annual Charity Commission return he'd drafted. Proposed CM. Seconded BC.








DATE OF NEXT MEETING : Monday 9th March 2015 7:30p.m.