2nd December 2015

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on the

2nd December 2015




Present: Stephen Porteus, Tim Haldon, Pauline Platts, Svava Barker, Kelly Green, Glad Allen, Emily Robson and Clive Mitchell


  1. Apologies for absence: Barbara Carrick and Brian Grew






Minutes of previous meeting





Proposed KG seconded GA. Approved subject to name correction to “Rod Clement” in clause 4(3)





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda










Sub-committee reports











(I) Discussion re mode of payment of hall cleaner's holiday pay. Agreed that her contract required no amendment at this time.


(ii) TH distributed a budget v expenditure summary. He reported that the recent Craft Fair raised £310 for the village hall (£280 last year). The committee thanked ER for her sterling efforts.











(i) Oil Tank: TH reported that new arrangements for positioning the replacement tank would be made once the weather had improved.


(ii) Recent Food Hygiene Inspection: the EHO was impressed with the hall's kitchen and food hygiene arrangements, commenting that special licences are needed for events organised and managed exclusively by outside agencies where food is sold to the public. The committee did not envisage hall hire for such events. GA mentioned the obtaining of basic food hygiene qualifications online.


(iii) TH mentioned that some of the hall's folding tables were approaching the end of their useful lives and that a replacement table was on order.


(iv) BG to arrange next premises sub-committee meeting to discuss outstanding maintenance. The committee commented favourably on the new OS map BG had installed in the hall foyer.



















Marketing and Events

(i) Christmas Party: 100 tickets had been printed - SB/KG to approach the pub and post office for ticket sales. Possibility of extending sales to Wholefoods Shop Alston if sales slow. CM to publicise on VH website, Facebook and Mailchimp. CM to install hall stereo system. SP to approach G&D re keg of beer and misc alcohol provision and/or visit Hexham cash & carry. SB/KG to undertake a stock check of ales, wines and spirits ASAP. A rota of bar volunteers would need to be prepared. SB/KG to organise Xmas decoration of hall on weekend of party. Distribution of profits among charities to be decided post party.


(ii) Ad Hoc Bookings: Kenny at G&D is willing to keep a list of those committee members who can be contacted to open bunkroom.

Agreed that parties of 4 or more can book the bunkroom for their exclusive use but parties of 3 or less must pay the charge for 4 persons if they require exclusive use. Conflicting bookings for the hall or bunkroom are so rare as not to call for the maintenance of a website bookings calendar at this time. Agreed that the position will be reviewed if conflicts do arise. Agreed that a review of hire charges will be included in the agenda for the next meeting.


(iii) Cycling Event: Postponed for discussion at next meeting.


(iv) Comedy Night: While approving the event in principle, the meeting expressed doubts as to whether there would be sufficient interest to be able to recoup the £400 artists' fee. Agreed that the members would review John Lebbon's routine on youtube and place on next meeting's agenda for further discussion.


(v) Beer Festival: SP to discuss with Kenny the idea of a joint hall/pub festival, perhaps on August Bank Holiday weekend. SP also to ask CAMRA for other local festival dates to avoid conflict.


































Title Deeds Update






Discussion as to whether the hall would be better served by transferring ownership to the Charity Commission's Official Custodian. CM proposed that the legal title of Garrigill Village Hall and its land be vested in the Official Custodian. SP seconded. Resolution carried. CM to inform current registered owners (former hall trustees) of proposal to transfer ownership before submitting the formal application and registering at the Land Registry.





Fire Risk Assessment



Postponed for discussion at next meeting owing to BG's absence.





Any other business



TH mentioned that as the Parish Council was now considering next year's rates precept, it was an opportune time to suggest to our local parish councillors any improvements as might benefit the village. Agreed CM would air this on the village hall website.





DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 18th January 7.30pm