25th April 2016

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on the

25th April 2016




Present: Stephen Porteus, Brian Grew, Tim Haldon, Pauline Platts, Svava Barker, Kelly Green, Glad Allen


  1. Apologies for absence: Barbara Carrick and Clive Mitchell






Minutes of previous meeting





Proposed KG seconded GA.





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda





BG commented that he had forgotten to mention the purchase of bedding in the minutes of the last meeting.





Sub-committee reports












TH distributed year-end figures for 2015/16. He commented that expenditure had exceeded income but there was still a healthy bank balance

BG commented that we needed to seek ways of increasing our income to ensure the hall is financially sustainable on an annual basis. He also expressed his concern regarding the potential increase in the insurance premium as a consequence of the recent flooding in Cumbria











BG still to seek another quote for the floor from Norman Currah and contact Jackson Fittings one more time to see if they will remedy the shower floor problem


TH is to seek prices for a new VH sign and also contact CCC to have the road sign replaced. He estimated the cost to be £40


TH reported that Helen had handed in her notice and suggested that we should appoint a self employed sub contractor for cleaning to avoid future complications with pension provision

This was seen to be a sensible suggestion given that we only have one employer and all agreed.

TH offered to make enquiries



















Marketing and Events



  1. Beer festival will be weekend of 17th September and SP is liaising with the G&D and breweries

  2. MTB Cycling Event has been cancelled due to the excessive charges demanded by one of the land-owners

  3. SP enquired as to progress regarding a new booking secretary

BG responded that Gwen had expressed an interest and that he would approach her to confirm

All agreed that if we had to we would pay for this service on a booking by booking

  1. Winking Sheep. BG informed the meeting that this would be on Sunday 28th August. He had agreed with the organisers that the Village Hall would be used for the feeding station and suggested that we might wish to provide Tea, Coffee and Flapjacks to sell to supplement the provisions that the organisers would be providing.

We will still need two Marshalls and people to man the food station up to about 11am

  1. Christmas Party; All agreed that we should organise another one for this year


























H&S assessment






BG ran through the HSE Village Hall H&S checklist and the outcome of this exercise will form the basis of the VH policy

He recommended that this be undertaken on an annual basis. All agreed.







Electric Bikes



BG advised the meeting that he was dealing with the electric bikes but assured all present that the current insurance was in place until November 2016. He is to report back at a future meeting








Any other business



KG to obtain prices for both the slide and safety landing mats


SP had found a copy of Jules Cadie’s schedule of outcomes from the workshop and handed a copy to TH


SP enquired as to why the VH e-mail addresses were not working. TH answered that this was a migration problem and was confident the problem would be resolved soon


TH reported that had purchased two sets of bedding and suggested that we should increase the overnight charge by £6 if bedding was used. Agreed

Bedding would be stored in the VH in a sealed bag to prevent misuse

He went on to say that Margaret had also offered to provide breakfasts if required

GA suggested that it would be a good idea to purchase some pillow protectors











DATE OF NEXT MEETING AGM 23rd May at: 7.30pm