22nd June 2015

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on the

22nd June 2015



Present: Stephen Porteous, Brian Grew, Tim Haldon, Liz Haldon, Pauline Platts, Emily Robson and Clive Mitchell, Barbara Carrick, Kelly Green and Svava Barker

  1. Apologies for absence: - Pauline Porteus





Minutes of previous meeting





Proposed CM seconded LH Approved





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda





LH asked whether minute 6.1 had been actioned

BG responded that he had not been able to find a copy of the list prepared by Jules Cadie but would endeavour to so

SP added that many of the suggestions had been considered over the last year







Treasurers report













TH distributed a Balance Sheet and Income and Expenditure Accounts up to 31st march 2015.

TH highlighted that there was a healthy bank balance of nearly £14,000 but advised caution as the we have now received the last grant from Garrigill Estates and that the income that we have derived from running Pub Nights will significantly diminish and there is some doubt as to the continuation of the fireworks display

CM asked how we would compensate for the predicted loss of income

Agreed that this should be included on the agenda for the next VH meeting
















Chairman’s Report

SP reported highlighted some of the years events and in particular the Garden Gander organised by Fiona Gifford, the Mountain Bike Marathon, Fireworks Display, the Christmas Craft Fair organised by Emily Robson and various Music and performance events all contributed to a busy and successful year

He went on to mention regular events such as Knit and Natter and the Pub Nights and the regular Charity Events organised by Helen Green

The year also saw the provision of two electric bikes which are free to use by residents and suggested that this should be emphasised on the website

He wished to record a vote of thanks to Garrigill Estates and went on to thank the Treasurer and Secretary for their work during the year

CM proposed a vote of thanks to Stephen for all his work in the chair over the past year





Election of Trustees

SP advised the meeting that we had two nominations for Trustees namely Svava Barker and Kelly Green to fill vacancies in the committee

There were no other nominations and both duly elected













It was noted that there is a singing group every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month



DATE OF NEXT AGM: 23rd May 2016