21st September 2015

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on the 21st September 2015



Present: Stephen Porteous, Brian Grew, Pauline Platts, Svava Barker, Clive Mitchell


Apologies for absence: Tim Haldon, Kelly Green, Glad Allen and Emily Robson







Minutes of previous meeting


Minute 3.1 should read On line not on linen Minute 5.1 wording to be changed




Proposed SP seconded PP Approved





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda



Minute 6.1 BG reported that he had been in contact with JC but as yet had not received any response





Sub-committee reports






In TH absence CM distributed a budget v expenditure summary adopting separate accounts for the three sub committees showing net current assets of £13,438.07


We are currently showing a deficit of £1,145.00 for the year to date


CM is to distribute a mailshot linking the standing order form for the 100 club













BG reported that the premises committee had met and had prioritised the following actions: -


Block paviors-no quote received from Laurie Lambeth so Richard Hymers will be asked to quote

Infill around cooker hood-ditto

Oil Tank replacement – TH is aware that a neighbour will be disposing of a bunded tank and since ours is not we should consider purchasing. CM offered to open discussions

Shower room-the shower room is still flooding and BG suggested installing shower trays. The consensus was that we should approach the sub contractor who laid the floor in the first instance















Shower room ventilation-the window that is boarded over should be exposed to facilitate some natural ventilation


BG went onto report that the fire alarm had been activated on Sunday due to a loose break glass point. This had been repaired and the shutter is to be linked when the service is undertaken in November


BG added that he would be reviewing the existing fire risk assessment and amending if appropriate


SB reported that the stone boundary wall to the campsite was in need of repair having been inspected by Richard Hymers who had indicated a an estimate of £250-400 for 12 m of wall.












Marketing and Events


Will not be held in 2015

Craft Fair

21 st November

SB suggested the following as possible future events

Christmas Party-not a meal but more than drinks and a chance to dress up. All agreed that this was a great idea more details at the next meeting

Beer Festival-discuss at next meeting

Gala Day-revival to be discussed at next meeting


Christmas lights-SB reminded the committee that we had pledged to buy some for the external tree. This prompted a debate as to the source of the tree-to be agreed at next meeting










No charges to be made for Laurie’s funeral costs



SP to write to Annie expressing our gratitude for all the work that



Laurie contributed during his time as a committee member



CM reported that he had been investigating the deeds for the hall



and land. BG had handed over a file containing the conveyance but



CM advised that the title requires registering. He offered to



undertake further investigation and report back at the next meeting



DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 2nd November 7.30pm