10th October 2016

Garrigill Village Hall

Registered Charity:1000874


Minutes of Committee Meeting held on the

10th October 2016


Present: Stephen Porteus, Brian Grew, Tim Haldon, Pauline Platts, Glad Allen , Clive Mitchell Barbara Carrick, Svava Barker and Kelly Green

  1. Apologies for absence: None





Minutes of previous meeting





Proposed BG seconded PP.





Matters arising not appearing elsewhere on the agenda















  1. TH distributed a budget v expenditure summary for the period 1/4/16 – 10/10/16 with notes attached highlighting key issues such as the outstanding amount owed by EDC.

  2. TH informed the meeting the accounts for 2015/16 had been audited and asked for approval. Proposed by BG seconded TH Approved

  3. BG informed the meeting that there is to be a meeting of AMPC to discuss the Precept and we should consider if we wish to apply for funds. BG suggested that we should ask for a £500 contribution to the new slide. Agreed

  4. TH advised the meeting that Mark had resigned and as such we no longer had a cleaner. We also still did not have a booking clerk

















  1. BG referred to his paper regarding the proposed Electrical and Plumbing work adding that he was still awaiting a quotation from JG Plumbing. It was decided not to accept the quotation from Andy Heap until TH and CM had determined whether this work could be undertaken by them albeit subject to a qualified electrician approval.

  2. TH suggested that we should invest in some more screens to enable the Hall to sub divided. This has been a request from the scout groups using the Hall. He estimated that we would need 3 more screens at £40 per screen. Agreed

  3. Sign-no progress to date TH to report back to next meeting

  4. BG suggested that he purchase a disabled parking sign to be fixed outside the hall.

  5. DIY day will be 5th November. Skip to be organised to clear the redundant tables from the store

  6. BG reported that the spin dryer in the drying room was broken. Suggested that this should be repaired along with the dishwasher. BG to organise repair























Marketing and Events

  1. TH proposed that the first Bar Nights should be 25th November which will a Quiz Night,

  2. Children’s Christmas Party to be organised

  3. Craft Fair BG to ascertain who is organising and date

  4. TH suggested that an events list should be produced for circulation around the Village. SP to organise











Any other Business




KG reported that the funds for the slide had increased but we are still significantly short of the estimate.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 14 November 7.30pm