Click here for info about Penrith's new Covid Vaccination Centre

Tier 4 Cumbria County Council COVID-19 update: School closures and latest lockdown restrictions

Transport for Outpatient and Vaccination Appointments- click here

Laptops for schoolchildren: The Department for Education has set up a portal where schools can log on and order laptops or other devices they need to enable children to learn from home.

Rubbish collection: Please just leave your bags out in the normal way. Please knot the bags at the top. If anyone in your household is suspected of having the virus or actually has the virus please double bag the waste and leave it for 72 hours BEFORE putting it out in the normal way. Again please make sure that the bag is knotted at the top and made secure. If you need more bags, please ask the binmen or ring Eden District Council.

See the latest updates from Alston Moor Health and Alston Moor Emergency Response Group and Alston Moor Parish Council

If you're feeling lonely or cut off and would like someone to chat to over the phone, why not register with the Alston Moor Phone Friends Scheme on 01434 647247 who will put you in touch with others who would welcome a friendly voice. Share isolation stories, activities and what you've done today with a friend you may not have met yet.

If you're out of money, please get in touch with Alston Food Bank who are there to help you. Your food will be delivered along with the deliveries in the normal way that everyone else is getting their food, so your personal circumstances are kept private. Please don't hesitate if you need the Food Bank's support. You can phone us on 07890 345901 or email 

If you're struggling to pay council tax, rent, etc, please contact Lissie Sharp on 07917 714650

All you need to know about Alston Essentials - your local free home delivery service

Who are Alston Essentials? A free home delivery service organised by St Augustine's Parish Church with Alston Moor Parish Council and support from our County and District councillors. Brought to you by volunteers and participating local shops.

Will you deliver to me? Yes, if you live on Alston Moor or in Slaggyford, Lambley, Halton Lea Gate and surrounding areas. You no longer have to travel or put yourselves or others at risk. EVERYONE can use our brilliant local delivery service.

What can I get delivered? Groceries, household supplies and medical prescriptions.

On what days do you deliver? Monday: Nenthead and Garrigill, Tuesday: Alston and Ayle, Thursday: Slaggyford, Lambley, Coanwood and Halton Lea Gate, Friday: Alston and Ayle. This is the current schedule, but as more people use the service, arrangements may change.

How far in advance do I need to place my order? At least a whole working day before delivery. Nook Farm for example need your order by 11am Friday for Monday and Tuesday deliveries and by 11am Wednesday for Thursday and Friday deliveries.

Who can I buy from?

Alston Wholefoods: 381588 or email  See here for ordering and payment details.

The Nook Farm Shop (order online here): 07415 029398 or email 

Saddlers Bakery (freshly baked bread, pies and more): 0749 4129845

The Nenthead Community Shop: 382359

Mad Hatters: 382991

How do I order? All the participating shops take orders over the phone. If there's an email address (see above) you can instead email your order. The Nook Farm Shop's website also has an online ordering facility.

How do I pay? Be ready to pay by card, online BACS transfer or cheque, whichever the shop requires. Please don't use cash unless absolutely necessary. If you've arranged to pay by cheque or cash on delivery, please enclose your payment in a sealed envelope marked with your name, the name of the shop and the amount of the enclosed payment. If paying more than one shop, please name each shop and the separate amount payable to each and, if paying by cheque, enclose a separate cheque for each shop. 

How do I get my medications delivered? When contacting Alston surgery to order your prescription, please say you'd like the Alston Essentials team to collect and deliver. As the surgery needs 48 hours notice for prescriptions, Nenthead and Garrigill patients should order their prescriptions by Wednesday night to catch the routine Monday delivery.

How will I know when my delivery has arrived? Where possible we'll toot the horn when we're outside. Otherwise we'll knock on your door (in the top left hand corner) to avoid using your bell. Please let us know if you're unable to get to the door and we will make individual arrangements to ensure you get your goods. If you live well off the beaten track, we may need to arrange with you a delivery drop off point.

How should I ensure safe delivery? We suggest leaving a box or two outside your door in which the delivery driver can place your goods.  

How safe are the goods I receive? There's no such thing as zero risk for goods handled by other people. For packaged goods either store them for 72 hours before use or spray or wipe plastic or glass containers with diluted bleach. For unwrapped fresh goods, wash thoroughly under running water and leave to dry. Don't forget to wash your hands after handling your delivered goods.  

Is there an Alston Essentials helpline I can phone? Yes, you can phone 647247 for support with shopping, prescriptions and other non-medical help. Open 9am to 6pm - answer machine on at other times. Please note, you cannot use this number to place orders.