Fire precautions when staying overnight

In the interests of personal safety, you should appoint one of your group as "Fire Warden" on arrival.

The Fire Warden's responsibilities include:

When you arrive

Ensure that access to the fire doors is not blocked, inside or out.

Ensure that the extinguishers are in the correct positions and you know how to use them.

Ensure that all your group know what to do in the event of an evacuation.

During your stay

Remain alert for hazards

Enforce the 'No Smoking' policy

After the event

Check all electric appliances are switched off or unplugged.

Check all rubbish is bagged and binned

In the event of a fire, don't put yourself at risk

Sound the fire alarm.

Ensure everyone leaves the building in an orderly manner and assembles on the village green

CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE - there is a public phone box on the village green

Ensure no-one re-enters the building

Liaise with the Fire Brigade when they arrive.