Bouncy Castles

Organising a bouncy castle event is not something to be treated lightly. Children have a raised risk of injury from bouncy castles, in some cases suffering life-changing injuries for which organisers have been sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Because village hall insurance doesn't normally extend to bouncy castles, many village halls won't allow such events on their premises. You will therefore understand that if you do wish to host a bouncy castle event at Garrigill Village Hall, you will be required to observe our strict insurance requirements to protect both yourself as hirer of the Hall and the Hall trustees.

You will need to make your own bouncy castle public liability insurance arrangements. Do not leave this to the last minute as this invariably results in disappointment. We strongly recommend you start looking into your insurance arrangements at least two weeks before the event and show us your policy documentation several days beforehand to allow time to sort out any issues. If by the day before the event you have been unable to provide us with satisfactory documentary evidence of your bouncy castle liability insurance cover, you will not have our permission to allow the use of any bouncy castle on our premises.

If you are hiring the bouncy castle, the hire firm's own insurance is unlikely to be sufficient unless its representative will also be in attendance to supervise and take responsibility for the use the bouncy castle. If you do choose to rely on the hire firm's insurance, we will need to see copies of a policy schedule showing the policy is currently in force and the policy document itself so that we can check you are covered. Where the hire firm will be supervising the use of the castle, we will also need its written confirmation of this and that it accepts all liability for any injuries arising.

Otherwise you will need to take out your own specialist bouncy castle insurance cover for the day of the event. Google is a useful place to search for specialist insurers and brokers such as Park Insurance and Peacock Insurance.

Please ensure you read and comply with the following extract from the Garrigill Village Hall hire terms:

"You must tell us in advance of your intention to host a bouncy castle. You should follow the Health and Safety Executive's advice on operating bouncy castles and satisfy yourself that the equipment is fit for purpose and will at all times be properly supervised by responsible adults fully conversant with the risks associated with such activity and that all such persons are individually covered by public liability insurance arranged by yourself or the supplier of the equipment.

You must not permit the use of the bouncy castle without having previously confirmed to us that you have ascertained that all those supervising or responsible for its use are covered by valid public liability insurance and you have provided us with a copy of the insurance policy and schedule for our inspection. Our inspection of such insurance details as you may produce is without responsibility on our part and does not imply confirmation or approval on our part of the policy's suitability or fitness for purpose. We are neither insured for such activity nor accept liability for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the equipment or its supervision and you shall indemnify us against all liability arising therefrom."