Participants include Claire Driver, Lissie Sharp, Representatives from the Community, Church, School and AM Parish Council. Representatives for Garrigll are Elaine Grew (01434382360) and Tim Haldon (01434381278)

1. Phone Line for local information re shopping , delivery of prescriptions etc has been set up as of now :- 01434647247 between the hours of 9am and 6 pm every day (plus an out of hours message service which will be picked up the following day). County Council Phone Line for Other Information has yet to be announced.

2 If you are struggling to provide payment for Council Tax, Rent, etc please contact Lissie Sharp (07917 714650)

3. Church Services are now online only.

4. GP Practice-- open for over the phone consultations . If an examination is required, you will be asked to attend the Surgery.

Prescriptions - Order them in the usual way. You will be asked a number of questions by the Staff as to collection of these. If Self Isolating then someone will have to collect them for you and you will have to give consent for this or you can have them delivered by Alston Essentials Van if you nominate them Or if medication comes under the "Controlled Substance category , then they will be delivered by a Registered Nurse.

5. Shopping: Garrigill Comer Shop / Post Office is still Open. Christine is closing early on some days to go to the Cash and Carry.

Co-Op and Spa are open until 8pm.

Alston Wholefoods (381 588). Open 11am to 4 pm Monday-Saturday for collections only. Phone through your order (no list of groceries provided) and then arrange a time to collect. Or if Self Isolating , then arrange someone else to collect Or it can be delivered by Alston Essentials Van. payments over the phone by card , Bacs transfer or by Cheque.

Nook Farm Shop :(07418 029398) -Open 10am-3pm Delivery by Alston

Essentials Van ONLY on MONDAYS. Has a range of meat, sausages, pies, fruit and veg. Payment by card. (at present) for those having deliveries.

Sadidlers bakery -07494129845 for bread orders only.

6. Food Bank -07890345901

please remain safe and stay at home. Follow the Government's Advice on hand washing and staying safe.

phone 101 for health advice if you have symptoms Or 999 in an Emergency.

Further information to follow to every household on the Moor.

At an Emergency Parish Council Meeting on 20th March to discuss the current Covid-19 out-break the Council unanimously decided to ask our County Councillor, Claire Driver, to head a Community Support Group to co-ordinate the most local level of response, which she has agreed to. This group will focus on coordinating support for the most vulnerable and anyone else needing to go into self-isolation and will include representatives from the main organisations already working on Alston Moor, including the Doctor's surgery.

Many people have already been offering help and support through social media channels, and there will be more information shared over coming days on how to register as a volunteer, and what to do if you need help. The group will be setting up communication channels that everyone can access, including phone and internet. Most people at present are coping well with support from friends and family where needed, and we are yet to have any confirmed cases on Alston Moor, so we have a window of time to make sure everything is in place for future need as it arises. Please bear with us and await further updates, and share these with family members who may be self-isolating already, or who aren't online.

In the meantime please follow government advice to stay safe, and be cautious of unsolicited offers of help at this time.

Parish Council meetings are postponed until further notice, but the council will continue to operate through a delegation policy.