100 Club FAQs

                   What is the 100 Club Lottery?

It's a fundraising charity run by the Garrigill Village Hall Trustees for the running and maintenance of Garrigill Village Hall. One half of all money raised is given back in the form of cash prizes.

Why the "100 Club"?

Because it's limited to 100 members aged 16 or over and who live or own property or a business within the Alston Moor Parish boundary or who have close connections (e.g. family ties) with Garrigill.

Who manages the 100 Club?

The promoter is the chair of the Village Hall Trustees, currently Kelly Green of 2 Gatecroft, Garrigill, CA9 3DZ. The treasurer is the treasurer of the Village Hall Trustees, currently Tim Haldon of Rowantree, 1 Gatehead, Garrigill, CA9 3EB. The secretary is the secretary of the Village Hall Trustees, currently Clive Mitchell of Glendale, Garrigill, CA9 3EB.

What is its legal status?

The 100 Club is a Small Society Lottery under the Gambling Act 2005 and is registered with the Charity Commission under number 1000874 and with Eden District Council.

How often does the lottery draw take place?

The lottery draw takes place each month. Each draw is conducted in the presence of three or more persons including at least one Village Hall Trustee and one independent member of the public.

How much does it cost?

A single entry costs £1. There is no limit on the number of entries you can have each month.

How much can I win?

There are three cash prizes every month. There is also an additional bonus draw each August.

Each month, half of all money raised by the lottery becomes the prize money. This is apportioned as follows: 1st prize: 50%, 2nd prize: 20%, 3rd prize: 10%. The remaining 20% is carried forward to the December Annual Draw. For example, if 100 members each bought a single £1 entry, half of the £100 income would generate prizes of £25, £10 and £5, with one annual prize of £120. If there were 80 such members, the monthly prizes would be £20, £8 and £4, with an annual prize of £96.

How often do I pay?

Collecting £1 from each member every month would be a daunting task. That's why we ask you to pay for 12 monthly entries in advance. A single entry each month means a year's subscription of £12. Some members pay £2 or more a month to boost their winning chances and increase their charitable contribution to the Hall.

How do I make payment?

To keep things simple, it really helps if you pay by standing order. Alternatively, you can pay in cash or by cheque in favour of "Garrigill Village Hall". Click here for full details.

How do I become a member?

Click here for details. You'll be allotted a personal number to keep throughout your 100 Club membership and which will used for every draw. You get extra personal numbers when you buy two or more entries each month.

How does the draw work?

The monthly and annual draws are made using the personal numbers of all members whose payments are up to date. Your first draw will start in the month following receipt of your first payment and then continues every month. Members are excluded from the draw in any month or months for which payment has not been received. Prolonged delay or lapse in payment may result in termination of membership and reallocation of personal number(s).

How are the lottery subscriptions managed?

The Lottery bank account, to which all receipts are credited and from which all prizes are paid, is managed by the treasurer. As required by law, a full summary of all payments and receipts is submitted to Eden District Council. Half of all entry money received is paid out as cash prizes. All profits are applied for the purposes of Garrigill Village Hall.

How do I know who's won?

Prizewinners receive their prize money in cash by personal delivery or by posted cheque. Click here for a list of current and past prizewinners.

Why do some people regularly appear to win more often than others?

Probably because they support the Village Hall to the tune of up to ten entries  a month!

What if my contact details change or I want to end my membership?

It is important that you notify the secretary as soon as possible. Sorry, we are unable to make any refunds.