Notes of the Alston Moor Parish Councillors Meeting held on 17th May 2017

05/19/2017 15:32

Notes of the Alston Moor Parish Councillors Meeting


Garrigill Ward


17th May 2017 


Councillors in Attendance:


Elaine Grew-meeting note taker

Tim Holden


1.0 Election of Chair


Brian Grew


2.0 Tree on Village Green


After prolonged discussion as to whether to have a tree or not; a vote was proposed by Clive Mitchell and seconded by David Hymers


16 in favour 5 against


Three tree types were proposed namely Silver Birch, Flowering Cherry and Spruce. Votes were cast as follows


Silver Birch 4

Flowering Cherry 1

Spruce 15


This decision would be referred to the next AMPC meeting for approval and adoption on the basis that AMPC were responsible for the trees on the Village Green


3.0 Notice Board


TH had displayed a number of alternative locations for a new Notice Board. He added that the budget remained at £800 of which AMPC had committed £200. Final design and location would be subject to planning approval

Voting for the 4 options was as follows


Village Hall 2

Village Green 17

Snooker room facing road 1

Snooker room facing Green 3


CB referred to a petition that he had collected with 40 people objecting. This was not deemed appropriate to be considered in the vote as only 3 of the 20 people attending were aware of the survey and that decisions are decided by attendees at the ward meeting on the night.

It was pointed out that individual views can be presented to AMPC when the planning application is considered for the notice board



4.0 Rumble Strips at Road entrances to the Village


EG advised the meeting CCC highways were willing to install rumble strips at the main road entrances to the Village. These would be similar to those on the Nenthead road approach to Alston


After discussion a vote was taken to decide if the rumble strips were to installed


In favour 18

Against 5


Location preferences are:-

School House

The Barn

Low House Farm

Gin Mill

Tynehead at the junction with the Pennine Way


This will be referred to the next CCC Traffic Management Meeting. Further details of proposals to be provided at the next meeting subject to capacity with CCC



5.0. AOB


BG introduced the Alston Moor Community Plan which was being promoted by Alston Moor Partnership. He added that the current plan ended in 2016 and it was important that a new plan be drafted. As part of the Phase 1 consultation. He asked the audience to consider the following questions


What 3 things do you like about living on Alston Moor

What 3 things do you dislike about living on Alston Moor

What 3 things would you not like to see on Alston Moor

What 3 things would improve living on Alston Moor


Responses were recorded by Roe Baker and will be available upon completion. Roe added that this was only Phase 1 and further comprehensive surveys would follow in Phase 2. The programme for completing the Plan is approximately 18 months


6.0 Future Meetings

8th November 2017